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Going Green Indoors

Going Green Indoors - NZ Punjabi News

Plants are silent workers of our planets, who want to live and help others to live. Everyone knows their importance for human life. In fact life on Earth would not be possible without plants. Not only humans but all living beings depend on plants in numerous ways-for Consumption of food, Shelter, Air to breathe, Clothes, Paper and many other things. That is why people everywhere have started to plant more and more trees around their houses, but we spend 90 percent of our time indoors and many neglect the fact that air inside our houses are polluted as well. Having plants inside the house can help a great deal in tackling this problem. Indoor plants not only convert carbon dioxide
into oxygen, but they also traps and absorb many pollutants.

Many of these chemical compounds, which are released into our air through a process called ‘off-gassing’, come from everyday items present in our homes and offices. An extensive research by NASA has revealed that houseplants can remove up to 87 percent of air toxin in 24 hours. They
could filter air pollutants like Benzene, Trichloroethylene and Formaldehyde, which may come from household cleaning products as well as heating and cooling system inside the houses. Plants such as Peace lilies, Devil’s Ivy, Gerbera daisies, Japanese Aralias and the Snake plant are among the 15 species of plants which could filter air pollutants. Not only cleaning the air but being around plants benefits people concentrate better in the home and workplace. Being under the influence of plants can increase memory retention up to twenty percent, it improves people’s mood and reduces the likelihood of stress-related depression. People who are having trouble sleeping are advised to keep Lavender and Snake plant in their bedroom as these plants helps to de -stress and sleep better. Studies have proven that people who spend more time around plants have better mental health,
good relationship with others and a more positive outlook on life. Even the process of looking after plants itself is very healing and therapeutic.

Having plants are like having pets-they bring you joy, but they also need love, attention and food.
Sometimes people buy ton of plants not knowing how to take care of them, as a result, either their plants don’t grow well or they die which makes people sad and they end up wasting lot of money as well.

Growing a healthy Indoor plant is not a big deal if you keep few factors in mind like;-

1. MOISTURE= The best way to determine whether a plant needs water is to check the soil moisture because both under –watering and over-watering can be detrimental to a house plant.

2. LIGHT=Light is food for plants .plants literally eat the sunlight. The best place to place your plant is near windows.

3. NUTRITION=A high quality fertilizer feeds plants and soil. Many houseplants do best with frequent applications of mild fertilizers.

4.Signs of trouble=Watch for the warning signs like whether or not the roots are rotting, wrinkles or Drooping of leaves can be the reason of not enough sunlight, yellow leaves are sign that you are over watering your plants.

5. Pruning, Grooming, Cleaning and Repotting are also very important factors for healthy indoor plants.

Different plants come from different parts of the world and havedifferent requirements so do your study well before buying the plant.
“Plant are like babies, which demands lot of love and care, and without
your help they don’t live”.

By Meenali

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