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21 November 2022 English

Passengers reveal their worst-ever flight experience

Passengers reveal their worst-ever flight experience - NZ Punjabi News

Auckland (Kanwalpreet Kaur Pannu) - Many passengers shared their experiences traveling with AIR New Zealand flight NZ080 last week.

Sandeep Nagra, a passenger on the flight who has been hospitalised, explains, "We were stuck in Hong Kong due to the negligence of the airline. The flight came from New Delhi, operated by Cathay Pacific at 01:30 (INST) arrived at Hong Kong 8:30 (HKST).

We had eight hour's layover at Hong Kong Airport. Our next flight was at 17:40, but just an hour before boarding, we learned that our flight was delayed for 30 hours." She, while crying, shared how badly passengers were treated and they had to sleep on the floor with limited resources and unsettled crying kids.

Sandeep, an essential worker, had to report to her work but ended up in the hospital with critical health. Another passengers, middle-aged woman, reported to us with the same information and experience that it was the worst-ever experience for her; she had to spend long hours waiting without food. At least three other passengers who travelled on the same flight spoke to NZ Punjabi News to share their terrible experience, one of which said, "They treated us like animals." Another passenger said, "It was AIR NZ's complete failure; it seemed like they didn't even have the basic policies and procedures to address the staff sickness, because 230 passengers had to suffer at Hong Kong airport with 34hrs delayed flight NZ080.

"In addition, many passengers were temporary visa holders with Indian passports; hence had no option but to stay at the airport premises and sleep on the floor. Passengers have videos with them that are evident in the situation. Sandeep Nagra is still in the hospital and is disappointed with the service.
Note: This news is based on the information received and pieces of evidence seen from passengers. NZ Punjabi News reached out to the airline but got advised that they do not have any media contact.

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