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01 July 2020 English

Drunk Punjabi youths ram car in public, private property

Drunk Punjabi youths ram car in public, private property - NZ Punjabi News

AUCKLAND (Sachin Sharma):Bringing disrepute to Punjabi community in New Zealand, two drunk youths rammed their rashly driven car in houses and public property in Katikati town in Bay of Plenty Tuesday evening.

According to eyewitnesses, it was horrible scene when rashly driven car with two drunk persons rammed in to house fencing . Both the youths are below 25 years. Having suffered serious injuries both were taken to hospital.

The Katikati police said that no charges have yet been laid in this matter.

The police statement said that car struck a light pole, and rolled over damaging a brick letter box, two wooden fences and corner of a house before coming to rest on its left side on the front lawn of a property. "Damage was caused across three residential properties".

NZ Punjabi News has shared the photographs of the incident. It must be kept in mind that we are ambassadors of whole community in other countries and such incidents affect the image of community. Such incidents might also lead to racial prejudices and affect the over all visa sanctioning processes.

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