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Taking Joy in Living is a Women’s BestCosmetic

Taking Joy in Living is a Women’s BestCosmetic - NZ Punjabi News

“You, yourself as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” BUDDHA
Auckland (Meenali) - This beautiful saying of loving and taking care of yourself by Budhha is usually neglected by women who wear so many different hats in today’s modern world ,from being working professional to a home maker, looking after kids,husband and parents .They plays various roles
throughout their lifetime like that of a daughter,mother, sister or a wife. Despite diverse roles they continue to serve as the backbone of their family and have a crucial role in deciding all of the important family decisions. Majority of familial health decisions tend to remain in the hands of women, but playing so many different roles and balancing both work life and family life is a challenging task which often takes a toll on their physical and mental health and taking out time for
themselves is often a last priority .
It is very important for women to understand that caring for their own health and happiness is important to make their loved ones happy and healthy.
Women have altogether different and urgent health issues due to their biological constitution and studies have shown that women who neglect themselves and their personal needs are more likely to experience various health problems over the time. Multiplicity of their roles makes them more prone to many health and personal problems like Depression, Obesity, Fatigue , Mood Swings etc.Women also have a more likelihood of some serious health conditions like certain cancers.
Women should start to learn to put themselves at the top of their to –do list, their own health is their responsibly too .There are several ways to focus on self-care many of which involve prioritizing, eating healthy meals ,making time for friends, getting regular exercise, meditation, to relax and keep calm and above all being sure to get enough rest and sleep. The best route to happier families is for the women to give herself the same amount of care, if not more, what she
gives to others in the family .The famous saying so aptly says it all,

”Women will be forgotten if they forget about themselves”.

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