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02 July 2020 New Zealand

Hotel security guards getting intimate with quarantined quests "spread COVID - 19" in Melbourne

Hotel security guards getting intimate with quarantined quests "spread COVID - 19" in Melbourne - NZ Punjabi News

AUCKLAND (Sachin Sharma): As the authorities of Victoria state in Australia struggle to contain the spread of COVID - 19, it has been revealed that
security guards at Melbourne's quarantine hotels were having sex with isolated guests, becoming one cause of spread.

Victoria recorded 73 new cases of COVID - 19 Wednesday. Source of infection couldn't be identified in 20 of these cases, which is highest number of community transmission in a day. As a result, lockdown has been imposed in 36 subrubs to contain the spread. State, so for has witnessed 2231 COVID - 19 cases of which 301 cases are of community transmission.

Victoria's Premier, Daniel Andrews, admitted there were a "handful" of breaches among staff at the hotels, which he says may have led to the outbreaks.

According to Heral Sun, claims that security staff were sexually active with some of the guests, including those in isolation in the hotels, would form part of the investigation. The allegations had been heard among police and government circles, as well as within the hotel industry, the Herald Sun reported.

There are also concerns that some staff regularly worked shifts at different hotels, as well as private work outside of the quarantine hotel contract.

Earlier, there were reports of breaches of physical - distancing measures at the Stamford Plaza hotel.

The allegations of security firms engaged in "ghosting" - a practice that involves inflating the amount of guards listed on duty in a bid to charge the government more for their services, are also being investigated.

Allegations to be investigated include 'hotel staff sleeping with guests, guards shaking hands with each other and sharing lifts, quarantined families visiting other guests within the hotel to play card games with each other, limited training being offered to security guards prior to shifts, security wearing personal protective equipment for extended periods of time without changing it'.

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